Concept for this blog

I am a former US Army Officer and a current Operations Manager in America’s heartland. I have been leading small to medium groups of people through challenging situations for the entire 19 years of my professional life. In that time, I have come to learn that leadership is both a great responsibility and a great honor, one that should not be taken on halfheartedly. I have tried my best to exercise a leadership style that is both mission driven and from the heart.  As the Army always preaches, “Mission first, people always.”

My two guide posts for this style have always been the local policy book and the Holy Bible. My posts here will share biblical verses that have helped to shape my leadership style. As a Christian man, I know that we all have human failings and must be dealt with accordingly.  As leaders, we must always remember that our people look to us for stability and practical decision making.  Therefore, our decisions must be rooted in the equitable enforcement of policy and morality.

If you enjoy any of the posts, then I have accomplished my goal. If you disagree with a post, that is perfectly fine as these are my personal sharings. God’s blessings, and go forth and Lead by the Word.


Your thoughts?

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