There’s a Human in that Mirror

He is able to deal patiently with the ignorant and erring, for he himself is beset by weakness.– Hebrews 5:2

Your people are human. No big deal, you already knew that. But here’s a secret: you too, are human. And if you spend a few minutes each day in front of the proverbial mirror, reflecting on your performance, then I am certain that you will discover instances wherein you stumbled and even failed. As you review those instances, it is important to acknowledge how you felt, how you responded and whether or not you took steps to prevent recurrence.

Taking time to understand what happened and plot a new course will help fight the urge to hole up in your office to avoid dealing with the results. It also demonstrates your resiliency to your team. It also helps you prevent internalizing the failure as a personal concern and allows you to openly discuss the situation with your leader, mentor or other trusted confidants.

It is our human nature to become embarrassed and defensive in the face of failure, but if you cannot constructively address your own shortcomings and failures, then you will likely not be able to develop trust and confidence within your team. So it is truly a necessity to treat yourself with a little empathy and forgiveness.

Your response to your own failure will ultimately guide your response to that of your team members’. And how you respond to your team members when they fail, will greatly affect how they support you when most needed.


One thought on “There’s a Human in that Mirror

  1. This is the whole premise behind confession..right?
    This is what Ignatius of Loyola taught with the Examen…..?
    Of course Pete, your words are right on accurate.

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